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Oct. 24th, 2012

german shepherd dog

[sticky post] There is actually 4 more President Candidates?

Finally, someone else pays attention to a third party and lets there voices be heard. Lets make a difference and vote something different for a change... do it for the future of our children. Larry King is one of the moderators.

'Obama, Romney - same police state': Third party debate up-close (FULL VIDEO) http://rt.com/usa/news/third-party-debate-us-election-094/  Vote for one of these guys.

Some more good info: Police arrest US presidential candidate Jill Stein at debate site http://rt.com/usa/news/police-jill-stein-debate-589/ you will be surprised and shocked at this story.

Jun. 24th, 2011

german shepherd dog

The don'ts of leaving dogs in vehicles :(

Hi everyone I just updated my blog: http://gsdandbreeds.blogspot.com/ Since last week I've come across from dogs over-heating to owners leaving their dogs inside there vehicles or outside their trucks with no shade what so ever. Just few days ago I saw in the internet news station in SO CALI a 19 year old woman left her dog for 3 hrs. while she went shopping and left the windows up... that day was scorching hot. Remember think safety first when it comes to our four legged babies :)

Jun. 15th, 2011

german shepherd dog

Good to know

hubby and I helped this woman in need with golden retriever. Got talking about Vet's around the neighborhood and said the're flacky and just want $$$$$. Woman that we helped mention she too has to drive far and take her dogs to a Vet she truely trust and has had for years for her dogs... someone who won't B.S. you around. One thing is for sure Deimos is keeping his old Vet from puppyhood. Sad.

P.S. I guess in a way it was good we came across with this woman and was not far from the truth that most of the Vet of this town are flacky :(

Jun. 12th, 2011

german shepherd dog

Update on Deimos condition

Update on Deimos: semi good news. Might be anal abscess, which they are treating now with strong medication and or if that doesn't go away then could be perianal fistulas (which are like ulcers and would need operation). Doctor seems to think that it's anal abcess. He encouraged me to google perianal fistulas and he told me to be aware that I might get shocked. I googled it and all the symptoms that they describe don't come close to what Deimos has. But still keeping our fingers crossed. Something that GSD (german shepherd dog) usually suffer from.

Jun. 9th, 2011

german shepherd dog

Can't wait any longer...

I'm fed up with Deimos current Vet... not really working with us. He seems not really wanting to accept organization help and is very negative about it. I've been doing further research between late at work and searching in cellphone web. I'm starting to get more and more convinced that Deimos is suffering from an abscess... bumer. This weekend my husband, Deimos and I are driving 95 miles to go see his old Vet... which I was extremely happy with. Deimos's old Vet is happy and willing to see him. If all goes well, my husband and I are deciding to make that sacrifice and make the long distance travel... not to mention he is willing to work with us. Yey!
german shepherd dog

working like an ant :P

Updated my blog http://gsdandbreeds.blogspot.com/ I've been including videos... no affiliation just full of information (FYI).

Jun. 2nd, 2011

german shepherd dog

Taking some time

Taking some time to write my blog http://gsdandbreeds.blogspot.com/ Deimos mass seems to be shrinking according to his Veterinarian.... hoping for the best.

May. 29th, 2011

german shepherd dog

Deimos mass

Good morning every1. Well, Deimos mass seems to be shrinking. We have better hopes. Doctor wants to see Deimos in two more weeks. I'm hoping for the best and a miracle :)

May. 27th, 2011

german shepherd dog

Big day 2morrow for Deimos

Good morning everyone. I updated my blog: http://gsdandbreeds.blogspot.com/ 2morrow is the big day for Deimos. His Vet will determine whether he has a tumor or not. My husband and I are considering a second opinion. Not feeling too comfortable with his current Vet. Everyone have a safe sane weekend.

P.S. Feeling a little anxious and finally got a temp job... not an exciting one but a job to save for Deimos operation if I don't get help. Crossing my fingers and praying really hard.

May. 20th, 2011

german shepherd dog

Just wishing and hoping

Hi, everyone I've been quite busy. I'm still taking care of Deimos illness. Someone gave me a tip on where to ask for help for Deimos operation. Calling Monday and hope Deimos and I have some luck. I also updated my blog: http://gsdandbreeds.blogspot.com/ Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

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